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Booklet Binding


We have many, many options to choose from when you need to bind your booklets, manuals, or catalogs.


Here are some of the more popular binding products and services we offer.

  • Our booklet making machine - A truly amazing piece of equipment that collates, staples, and folds loose sheets into very nice and professional looking booklets.

Booklet Binding
  • Comb binding - The classic round plastic bindings that require nineteen little square holes in each sheet of paper. This process can be used for books up to 400 pages. Pages can be added or removed easily. And the finished book lies flat when opened.

  • Tape bindings - Known for its strength and durability, tape binding is frequently the choice of librarians and graduate school professors. Works best with documents up to 300 pages.

  • We also provide printed or plain covers, clear acetate covers, and other types of bindings for specialty projects.

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